JAKA Robotics

JAKA robotics is a high-tech company aiming at innovation and R&D for new generation of cobots and smart factory.

JAKA has inherited the accumulation and genes of technology since 1979 from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and has a R&D department with strong scientific research ability organized by over 10 leading experts and 100 senior engineers. Innovative breakthroughs have been made in many applications such as drive control integration, integral joints,free-drive programming, wireless connection, etc. JAKA has continuously led the trend of robotics development.

JAKA is on mission to “Free Your Hands By JAKA”. We are in accordance with spirit of concentration, professionalism and originalism to spread the sparkle of wisdom to every corner of the Earth, and facilitating enterprises striding onto Industry 4.0.

JAKA has launched multiple series of cobots: JAKA Zu® Cobots ( generalversion and s (force control) version), JAKA All-in-one Cobots, JAKA Lens series visual products, etc.. Thanks to more benefits of versatility and flexibility, JAKA Cobots can be easy applies in production lines in various industries, and meet the needs of different production situations.

Owing to the achievements of JAKA Cobots are in drive control integration, integrated joints, drag-and-drop play, free-drive programming, wireless connection and so on. JAKA Cobots have been applied to automation production in many industries, providing a strong and continuous foundation for industrial innovation.


  • Wireless Connection, No Teach Pendant
    JAKA Cobots pioneered the mobile terminal APP control mode, freeing the traditional bulky teaching devices and lengthy control lines, making the teaching process in the local space more convenient.
  • Safe Cooperation, Collision Protection
    Built-in torque feedback module in JAKA Cobots, when the collision reaches the set upper limit of the torque, the cobot stops in time to avoid injury to people and other equipment, and achieve human-machine safety cooperation
  • Free-drive And Graphic Programming
    Built-in torque feedback module, when the collision reaches the set upper limit of the torque, the cobot stops in time to avoid injury to people and other equipment, and achieve human-machine safety cooperation.
  • Remote Interaction, Real-time Monitoring
    JAKA Cobots support remote programming control collaboration, and are no longer limited to geographical boundaries. JAKA Cobots also implement control of multiple robots by one mobile terminal.
  • Plug And Play, Quick Switch
    JAKA Cobots are light and compact, with easy installation, visual recognition, and strong equipment compatibility. The high passability and flexibility make JAKA Cobots plug-and-play, convenient deployment process in any production environment. With JAKA Cobots, you can achieve success in production as multi-batch, customized, short cycle, etc.

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