SolderStar – Thermal Profilers

SolderStar – Thermal Profilers

Thermal profiling solutions for Reflow, Wave, Selective and Vapor phase soldering.

Solderstar is one of the world’s leading thermal profiling solution providers, with over a decade of specialising in the design, development and manufacture of profiling systems within the electronics manufacturing industry.

We offer a range of ‘smart’ profiling devices which can be combined to provide a powerful set of process control instrumentation for each of the soldering processes you wish to setup and control.

  • our unique dataloggers can be used for reflow, wave, selective and vapour phase soldering and provides a common software platform to streamline the capture and analysis of profiling information from the shop floor
  • a comprehensive range of fixtures which allow process benchmarks to be recorded allowing periodic checking of production processes with increased repeatability
  • powerful software tools provide all the tools required for rapid process go/no-go checking and also integrated SPC functions to allow generation of X-Bar and Range Charts direct from the data you have captured from your lines

Products are available individually or in packages that are tailor-made to suit the technical and budgetary requirements of all electronics manufacturers, whatever their size and needs and wherever they are in the world.

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